Tubing InformationProduct DescriptionColourMax. Temp ?CChemical ProcessingEnvironmentalFood and BeverageIndustrialPeristaltic Pump
Tygon S3™ Beverage Tubing
Formulation B-44-3
Most widely specified clear, flexible tubing Clear74
Tygon S3™ Food, Milk and Dairy Tubing
Formulation B-44-4X
The preferred clear, flexible tubing for food processing applicationsClear74
Tygon S3™ Pressure Tubing
Formulation B-44-4X LB.
Most flexible and reinforced tubing availableClear (between braid)74
Tygon S3™ Silver Tubing
Antimicrobial Tubing
Antimicrobial tubing that decreases bacterial growthSilver74
Tygon S3™ Laboratory Tubing
Formulation E-3603
For consistently reliable analysis in the labClear74
Tygon S3™ Long Flex Life Pump Tubing Formulation E-LFLFor the longest peristaltic pump flex life of any clear flexible tubingClear74
Norprene™ Food Process Tubing
Formulation A-60-F
Provides long service life in many hot food/beverage applicationsCream135
Norprene™ Pressure Tubing
Formulation A-60-F I.B.
Provides long service life even when exposed to heat, abrasion and pressureCream135
Tygoprene™ Pump Tubing
Formulation XL-60
Designed specifically for use in peristaltic pumpsTranslucent121
Versilic™ High-Strength Silicone
Pressure Tubing
Formulation SPX-50
Provides long life, strength and durabilityTranslucent177
Versilic™ High-Strength Silicone Provides elevated working pressures
Pressure Tubing
Formulation SPX-70 I.B.
in a silicone tubingTranslucent160
Tygon™ Ultra Chemical Resistant Tubing
Formulation 2375
Provides the highest degree of chemical resistance, flexible Clear204
Tygon™ Plasticizer Free Tubing
Formulation 2001
Provides low compressions set properties of a thermoset rubber, flexible Clear54
Tygothane™ Precision Polyurethane Tubing Formulation C-210-AFor polyurethane applications requiring tight dimensional tolerancesTransparent93
Tygothane™ Precision Polyurethane Pressure Tubing Formulation C-210-A I.B.High performance polyurethane tubing for physically demanding environmentsClear
Norprene™ Industrial Grade Tubing
Formulation A-60-G.
Outlast/outperforms Neoprene, EPDM & other specialty rubber tubingsBlack135
Tygon™ Fuel and Lubricant Tubing
Formulation F-4040-A
Resists embrittlement caused by hydro-carbon based fluids, remains flexibleTranslucent74
Tygon™ UV Resistant Tubing Formulation R-3400Stays flexible in ultraviolet environmentsBlack74
Fluran™ Severe Environment Tubing
Formulation F-5500-A
Withstands the harshest of chemicals even under hugh temperaturesBlack204
Tygon™ Inert Tubing
Formulation SE-200
Complete clarity & high flexibility with the inertness of fluoropolymerClear74
Chemflour™ FEP TubingFor the unltimate in purity,Transparent204
Chemflour™ PFA Tubingchemical resistance andTransparent260
Chemflour™ PTFE Tubingtemperature resistanceTransparent260